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Vero Nouk

Vero sings and plays with a naturalness that is not questioned. Her unagitated, gentle manner is reflected in her art. Yet she gets to the point very clearly and directly in her lyrics.


Music has always been there. A home full of instruments, her mother with whom she sang in several voices as a child, and her father's huge CD collection and his enthusiasm for it. During her school and university years, she intensively studied languages and sang bossanova, chanson and jazz in French, English and Portuguese. The more versatile the better, she thinks. 


Raised in a small town in southern Germany, the singer-songwriter moved to Berlin in 2021, where she released her first songs on her own women-led indie label Mosaik Records. 


Vero's music is created intuitively, authentically and always out of a specific motivation. At the core of her songs are usually confused emotional states that can be somewhat self-therapised through the creation of the music.

 "Making music feels insanely meaningful to me. If I can reach others with it, all the better!"


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