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Born in Switzerland and raised in France, she discovered her love for rap in Germany: boundlessly open - between underground rap, trap inluences and poppy vibes - rap newcomer JUWEEL presents herself on her new single "Hell". Her music is characterised by her self-determined and energetic nature, while soft, melancholic melodies are not neglected by her bright vocals.

During her teens, JUWEEL, now living in Berlin, listened to US hip-hop greats like Eminem as well as various French and German-speaking artists. Rapper Diam's and Sido in particular inspired the 26-year-old artist to take up the pen and mic herself.

At the age of 18, she moved to Freiburg im Breisgau for her studies in popular music, while working as a vocal coach and leading German rap projects at schools. Simultaneously, she was part of several funk, soul, hip-hop and jazz bands. She acquired her performance and producing skills thanks to numerous gigs and music productions.

JUWEEL has recently released her fourth single "Hell" (prod. Bogdan Vlasceanu). She is currently working with producers from Berlin and her self-founded label "Mosaik Records" on her upcoming EP. Her new music will be inspired by topics such as social awareness and with as purpose, igniting self-conidence.


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